No Reality "Daddy Longnose" 7" (IS007)

  • No Reality "Daddy Longnose" 7" (IS007)

No Reality rides again on their third release, “Daddy Longnose.” Featuring members of Smirk, Acrylics, Toner, Spiritual Cramp, Rut, The GOP, Abi Yo-yos, and countless Bay Area hardcore outfits, this new 7” channels SSD, G.I.S.M., and Outburst, to produce an unhinged mix of nihilism, hedonism, and contempt for modern society. Their second release on Industry Standards is a no frills 7” with a lore-defining insert on black vinyl, lim. to 250.


What your parents, your pastors, your clergymen told you is true. God exists. In a very real way. NO REALITY also exists, but in opposition to God’s grace, mercy, and love. Moreover, God exists in a world that NO REALITY exists in, like the dried up cum in the tube sock of the universe, once clean and presentable, now wasted on the dirty floor of the cosmos. God’s infinite creation denied. The musical equivalent of an aborted fetus, murdered because of vain indifference and wanton lust.

There are no lessons learned that “Buying Drugs” can’t teach. Riffs that don’t seem to flow as much as edge towards cocaine fuelled intangibility. Hard as nails, like the shamrock stamp on a brick of Aryan Brotherhood coke. Put your body on the line for the fix, whether it's riffs or a limp dick shoved into the dry orifice of your creator. What meaning is there if you can’t fuck God?

Brevity isn't the preference, it’s the rule. Tracks that come and go, balancing the fuckery of every opinion shoved down our throats. “Couch Protestor”: Native land this, lets go brandon that. Does any of it matter? Your opinions are garbage and likely, the vinyl manufactured for this record is doing its part to destroy our planet, because we’re here for a good time, not a long time.

Buy this record. Or don’t. In his infinite wisdom, we were given the choice to do bad things, and NO REALITY confirms that it's better to spit in the face of a loving God than care about your feelings. Kill your teachers. Stab your parents. Deny your maker.

-Max Wickham, June 2023